work in Progress

Landscapes and Streetscapes

With my landscapes and streetscapes I’m really not looking for a very good looking shot: you know, the golden hour or trying to get that right light. I like to go in the other direction, bad lighting and sticking people and things into the final product.
Vietnam, 2018

Sur L'Autobus

I moved to Paris in 1991. I never owned a car so the bus became my mode of transport. I loved the way images just flew past. After washing dishes in the Canteen des Ecoles, I’d hope on a bus home and more often than not I’d have my camera with me.
Paris, 1994

Sheriff Street

Sheriff Street was a flat complex right in the heart of Dublin. Over the years it declined, and became a no-go place for a lot of people. I was able to shoot in the area with no real problems because I knew a few people who lived there.
Dublin, 1989

Poll Tax Riots

Thatcher was pushing her Poll Tax which everybody hated. There was a huge crowd that had gathered in London. It was very messy. I will never forget one of the police vans being attacked, I found it really exciting, but also very scary. I didn’t get hurt, thank God.
London, 1990

12th of July

This date is well known in the north and the south of Ireland . The Battle of the Boyne happened on the 12th and, to make a long story short, was won by the Protestant King Billy. Ever since, the Protestants of Northern Ireland march on this day. In the past there was  a lot of trouble during the marching season but today it’s a lot calmer.
Belfast, 1989

Fishermen of Thanh Hoa

I’ve been living in Thanh Hoa for about three years now and I really enjoy its small town nature. Coming from Hanoi this place is bliss. The first time I visited this beach was on a cold and windy day. I was with my family and I promised to myself to come again. They are very early starts so the lighting can be tough.
Vietnam, 2022