Photoshoot by Colm Pierce - Stratagies Magazine

Pascal Calzada

for Stratagies Magazine

So this was for Statagies  Magazine which was a magazine for the advertising world in France. Simple portrait in an office, as boring as it gets! Before a shoot I’d find myself leafing through catalogues I’d bought at the Musee Dapper. It was a marvellous little place and they had these amazing African arts exhibitions.

I remember seeing Kota and Dogoon masks and thinking maybe I could do something like that in my photography. So for this shoot with Pascal Calzada I wanted his face surrounded by feathers. I was using a Pentax 6×7 and only had about 10 shots on a roll. I think I slowed down the shutter speed to about ¼ sec and when I saw the flash fire I pulled the camera away from him. The good old days of film!

Shigeru Miyamoto

for Le Point Magazine

Miyamoto is the world famous creator of Super Mario. This shoot took place in the Hotel Costes swimming pool on Rue Faubourg, Saint Honore in Paris and was a commission from Le Point Magazine. More often than not these hotels are nice, but make for boring locations for photoshoots. After scouting the hotel for some time, I decided we should shoot in the swimming pool because it had nice lighting.

Shigeru couldn’t speak a word of English, but it was just a picture piece so the words didn’t matter. I remember laughing a lot. I shot this on a big Pentax 6×7 medium format with one light at the back and asked the Le Point journalist I was with to hold the curtains together. I did have the journalist’s hand holding the curtains together in the original shot but the layout editor took it out. What a shame!

Serge Lutens

for Elle Magazine

I walked into this huge studio where the celebrated French designer Serge Lutens was working for Shiseido, a Japanese skincare company. Serge was an avid photographer too, so everything was in place for the shoot already, and it was fantastic to be able to shoot him in his own studio.

The atmosphere was very relaxed, as far as I can remember. I don’t do fashion photography but I admire what they do. Fashion photographers are not street guys, I think their job is harder.

Loos Prison

for Micro Hebdo Magazine

When I lived in Paris I didn’t have much money so my equipment was very basic. I remember other photographers who had great equipment. To compete with those guys, I would come with my own story idea and push it to the picture desk, with the condition that I’d be the one to shoot the photos.

Loos Prison is one of my “pushed stories”. I’d met a retired teacher who was working in the prison, where the prisoners were learning how to make webpages. I really enjoyed this part of my life in Paris.

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